Galaxy GBS 10 Design change 2020

As you know, we have now two different pistons in our systems, one flat for GBS 10/50 and 10/150 and one curved for GBS10/350. You can see current situation in picture (GBS 10/350 on left, GBS 10/150 on right):


From end of 2020 we have changed design of GBS 10/350 to accept same piston as is in GBS 10/150, so, great new, all our systems (10/50+10/150+10/350 including Speedy and MOD120 variants) now uses same piston.

Every change becomes with opportunities and challenges.

To visually separate the pistons and the systems that belong together, the old 350 systems are white (with a red bottom) and include a white curved piston. The new 350 systems are then all red and include a red straight piston. This is the same as with the GBS 10/150 (red container and red piston) where no change occurs. See picture:


If you have curved piston from previous orders, it is obviously red, but curved and possible to use only in old design 10/350 (white), so the situation with old piston is described on this picture:


White container will be discontinued and in near future fully replaced by red only variants with unified piston as on picture:


Please note how to be piston (both old and new version) inserted correctly:


Thank you for understanding and we hope the design change we made is good one.

Galaxy GRS team,

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