Parachute Rescue system repack and revision

Dear Customer. If there is a representative of us in your country (see section Dealers), please contact (well in advance of system removal and expiration) our representative in your country to perform the repack/revision, no other way is possible.

If not, please contact us (well in advance of system removal and expiration) using the form provided and carefully fill in all the required information. By deadline we mean a proposed date from your side, but if we don't have production capacity for the specified date, we will propose another date. It is better for you to plan and choose a date in the more distant future than a date three weeks in the future.

At the same time as confirming the date (or proposing another one) you will receive instructions on how to send the system to us and how to deactivate it for the shipping. We strongly ask that you follow all instructions.

If the system is not ordered using this form and is sent to us unannounced, we are unable to guarantee a revision date and the system will be placed at the end of the waiting list. The time for completion of the revision can therefore be in the order of months!

More information and instructions can be found here (middle column).

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